Short & easy treks in Nepal offering fantastic mountain sceneries, pleasant countryside hikes and cultural experiences. Short Treks in Nepal is an ideal option suitable for those with limited timeframe and still want to have a good view of the great peaks in Himalayans. short treks are for busy people who want to have a Himalayan hiking experience during their short holiday or those who want to enjoy beautiful mountain sceneries in a leisurely walk with their friends or families. Some of these treks seem similar but the approach routes are different, we know many different view points and non touristy routes around Pokhara to take you to. These treks are short but will offer you few days close to nature and authentic trekking experience Nepal offers several range short trekking packages where trekkers can get chance to enjoy magnificent views of Himalayan panorama and experience real outdoor adventure. Mostly the short trekking destination covers easy accessible routes and exploring typical local cultural areas. Short Treks in Nepal can be customized around nearby Kathmandu valley Rim and Pokhara area, these two cities has many places to hike and spent couple of days in mountain for trekkers. The easy hike allows you to glimpse different views of snow clad peaks and encounter typical local cultures of around. Rising Himalaya Trek Nepal has proposed some of the most selective packages which are all free from the challenging and risk. You are also requested if you have your own choice of destination we will be happy to provide you comprehensive packages. If you are looking for few days of short trek in the Himalayas, you will find here some of the most popular short treks in Nepal . Some of them are operated from Pokhara to the Annapurna foot hills, one of them is countryside hike from Kathmandu and the last one is a short trek to the Everest region aimed to show you a close view of Everest and the Buddhist culture of the famous Sherpa people. Pokhara is a beautiful lake city with a panorama of high mountains on its northern skyline. The region north of Pokhara is a trekker's paradise and offers many short treks ranging from one day to many days, exactly as many days as you like. A short Pokhara trek will offer you spectacular views of the Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchare, Nilgiri, Manaslu and some other mountains and beautiful hill villages inhabited by friendly people.