Family Holiday In Nepal

  Family holiday tours in Nepal are designed especially for families with children and is the perfect way to introduce kids to the Himalayan wonderland. Our young travelers enjoy discovering the world through guided Himalayan adventures, exotic wildlife viewing, cultural exploration and more. Daily activities are varied and tiring travel is kept to a minimum, with added features catered to the entire are becoming more popular also here in Nepal. It's this wonderful option of spending quality time with your beloved ones.Family tour in Nepal with Children or kids and other family members to enjoy the beautiful Himalayas, rich culture, and natural heritages of Nepal. This This tour package is suitable for those who want to explore the cultures of Nepal, the people from different walks of life covering different communities with varied traditions, cultures and religious thoughts. You will see the Newar community in the Kathmandu valley, Brahmins and Chettri settlements on the way to Nagarkot and Pokhara as well as the brave Gurkha Soldiers Gurungs in the western part at Pokhara. Historically also known as the cultural hub of Nepal, the Kathmandu valley, the famous hill town Nagarkot and the enchanting Himalayan valley Pokhara are the main highlights of this trip.

   We will help you to organise a trekking holiday with your children and provide porters, 3/4 horses, dokos(nepali basket) and child carriers. We recommend Nepal as the destination for a holiday with your family, with the possibilities of seeing remote villages and regions that you would not be able to visit by other means. It has this great potential for learning and discover and is wonderfully family bonding. Not to mention the friendlyness of the nepalese people, which have always a smile for you and your children. Other options include walking tours or walking holidays based at a single centre. If you decide to hike along a route in a mountainous region, camping out at night or staying in lodges, you will be guided and luggage is carried by porters. If you decide to have a base at a location, your luggage will stay at the resort and will walk every day different routes and just need a little backpack. We have a lot of suggestions for such a place and its daily routes. Locally born guides accompany each step of your way to ensure amusing encounters and to reveal intricacy of authentic cultures of Himalayas. Accommodations are welcoming and child-friendly. All the trips featured in this category are evenly paced, so that your family keeps a pleasing balance of relaxation and adventure. Trip in and around Kathmandu, Annapurna Trekking Tours, Nepal Rafting, Bandipur Tours, Chitwan National Park. This tour has been specially designed for families with children aged 6-16 who want to enjoy a multi-activity tour in Nepal either on their own or with like-minded families & children. We include some fascinating cultural sightseeing, a relaxed camping trek with spectacular views, some easy rafting, and time in Chitwan National Park, with the chance to bathe with the working elephants Small group departures are available during the school holidays, and we can also run the tours privately for your family at any time - please contact us for details.

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