Honeymoon Tour in Nepal

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  Honeymoon is the most excited moment of your married life. Honeymoon is the golden period of your married life. When you finally decide to tie the knot,  looking for the best honeymoon destination  is not easy.To spend few days in the lap of the Nature  (Himalayas) with your beloved is totally marvelous! We offer the best alternatives to those people who are looking for an unforgettable honeymoon in Nepal's Himalayas. We have pre-established itinerary, but we can also tailor your honeymoon, taking into account your special needs and preferences. Some people want to go trekking in Honeymoon too. Why not visit a place you could enjoy the mountains beauty,  nature, river, lake, wildlife and shopping. Nepal is a beautiful country better known for its colorful cultures, ancient history and breathtakingly beautiful natural landscapes including Mount Everest, the highest peak of the world. It is also the perfect place to spend your honeymoon as  you can scale the heights together in Nepal.Nepal is a very beautiful land which is known for the mountains, snow peaks, lakes, rivers, wildlife, ancient temples, and colorful cultures. And it is also known as a shopping heaven! You can experience many different things during your honeymoon, Visit ancient temples and beautiful old building, enjoy the glorious sunrise and sunset with your lover in Himalaya, jungle safari in Chitwan. If you are a explorer, there are more interesting activities waiting for you, rafting, paragliding, or have a wonderful short trekking! Can you imagine you stand in the mountains, hold your lover's hand, far away from the busy life, all around you is fascinating scenery, the moment is one and only, and you can get the blessing from Mother Nature. What a wonderful memory of honeymoon! So don't hesitate, Nepal is the best honeymoon destination for you two.
  Nepal, the roof of the world, is the perfect place for your exclusive and romantic honeymoon. With a great variety of unique luxury resorts, count on the charm of the boutique hotels and natural beauty to enchant you and yours during that very special moment in Paradise.We make this occasion a lifetime unforgettable experience. The beautiful scenery of Nepal, it's peaceful location, charming culture and architecture inspire her / him for miraculous honeymoon destination.Nepal offers the nature and luxury you deserve in a magical place – the roof of the world - closer to the heavens!See below our Nepal Honeymoon packages and email us for more details. If you want to combine Honeymoon in India and Nepal ( Taj Mahal and Everest) or honeymoon in Bhutan and Nepal, we can help on that too.In our Nepal honeymoon is a mix of cultural adventure luxury tour of Nepal. That includes best view of the mountains - Himalayas , Royal Bengal Tigers, sunrise, and UNESCO world heritage sights.
We offer the best of everything in Nepal 
Our Nepal Luxury Honeymoon Tour is really very popular as we will require the booking at least 2 months before departure. But check us though we may able to book this on short notice as well.
• Dream Nepal Honeymoon Tour (4 Nights and 5 Days)
• Dawn till Dusk Honeymoon Tour in Nepal (4 Nights and 5 Days)
• Sweet Honeymoon Tour in Nepal (5 Nights and 6 Days)
• Green Honeymoon Trip in Nepal (6 Nights and 7 Days)
• Romantic Honeymoon Moments in Nepal (7 Nights and 8 days)
• Honeymoon Soft Trek in Nepal (7 Nights and 8 Days)
• Honeymoon Holiday in Nepal (8 Nights and 9 Days)
• Honeymoon Wildlife Safari in Nepal (9 Nights and 10 Days)
• Honeymoon in the Everest Nepal (9 Nights and 10 Days)
• Honeymoon Adventure Trek in Nepal (13 Nights and 14 Days)